In Honor of Freedom

Yesterday was Fourth of July, and I wrote a post about how we can help relieve the suffering of the Iraqi people. Due to this post I pondered a great deal last night on the freedoms I currently enjoy here in America.

Whether you are for or against the war in Iraq really means little to me. What is important is our responsibility to freedom—both at home and abroad.

I am a grandson of a World War II vet. My grandfather spoke little about the war before his death (even at the great prodding of his grandsons). The atrocities he witnessed and the emotional and physical strain he endured was too great for him to relive.

However, now looking sixty plus years into the past we can see with acute clarity that what my grandfather endured was not only worth it, but essential to the millions of those oppressed by the Nazi regime. Unfortunately, “The War To End All Wars” didn’t, and neither did it end the suffering of future wars.

My brother, who is a year and half younger then me, served in the second Gulf War. The stories he shared with me as they worked to overthrow the Saddam government were appalling; so much so that I have no desire to share them here.

I do not doubt there are politics involved in the current war. However, I am a realist and recognize that we are in Iraq now. Opposing the current war without a solution that doesn’t destroy the fragile freedom of the Iraqi people is a moral chasm that shouldn’t be crossed.

Our soldiers—my brother and grandfather—didn’t fight history’s wars for George W. Bush or Franklin D. Roosevelt. They fought these wars because they realized that freedom was and is at peril. Freedom which allows us to support or oppose the wars we enter.

As you can tell my opinions run deep on this subject. I do not wish to turn this blog into a political platform; that is not its purpose. I just ask that as we walk the path of freedom to not only remember those who have given their lives, but also those who will give their lives for your rights.

There is a great verse in a gospel hymn that sums up our fight for freedom: “If we fail, we fail in glory.” May we not fail, but may we also not use failure as an excuse to cease our struggle for freedom. ~Paul W.

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