5 Tips on How to Look Good for the Camera

Not sure who to give credit to for the below article, but thought that it was worth sharing.

  1. If standing, turn slightly and rest your weight on one foot. If sitting, angle to one side or the other. It may FEEL goofy, but you will LOOK better.
  2. Lean slightly toward the camera – Adds interest, dimension, and a natural look. Think of creating a long neck like a gazelle, and tilt your chin down just a bit to avoid a double chin and an unwanted view of your nostrils.
  3. Develop a ‘trigger’ – Models can “change state” by using “triggers.” Even if in a crummy mood, they can look ready for the shot in in a heart-beat by using a trigger or reminder to do what makes them look good. Most effective trigger: the rear cheek squeeze. It’s inconspicuous and works exactly like it sounds: squeeze rear butt cheeks together. Just ask someone to sitting on a chair to squeeze their cheeks together. Most will immediately smile and look better.
  4. Learn to 3/4 smile – Most people don’t like pictures of themselves with a huge smile: it exposes the gums and causes eyes to turn into slits. A 3/4 smile solves the problem and looks more natural.
  5. Look slightly ABOVE the lens – Never look directly at the lens.
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Personalized Google Search Page

Lindsey secretly took this photo while I rocked Chloe to sleep. I secretly made this photo Lindsey’s Google home page =).

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You Know You’re in a Bad Neighborhood When. . .

. . .there’s a billboard for the witness protection program!

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Forgotten Sanctuary (part 2)

Back in December I posted some of my images from a photo hunt I went on in the summer of 2009. I wasn’t able to post all the pictures then, so below are the rest.

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Forgotten Sanctuary (part 1)

The below images were taking back in August. I’ve been meaning to upload them here but haven’t had a chance until this holiday break. So, here is some background:

Lindsey and I went on a “snap shot road trip.” Our snap shot road trips consist of each occupant of the car taking turns choosing different roads to adventure down, and the driver stopping when someone feels he or she has a picture perfect moment. As a child my mother would do road trips similar to this with my younger brother, sister, and me. We ended up in the most unique places. We didn’t have a camera for my childhood road trips, so it is a lot of fun finding some beautiful and random images for the scrap books.

So, this is what we did for a lazy summer day and we were not disappointed in our final destination—New Castle, Pennsylvania. We took twists and turns all around New Castle, and saw the raw beauty that is in this town. Finally, we stopped when I spotted a majestic abandoned church.

For me, old and abandoned buildings have a story just wanting to be told. Why was it abandoned? What has happened to the building since it has been tossed aside? What secrets does it hide? I am sure these questions will not find their answers, but at least these August images unlocked my imagination and allowed for my own creativity to emerge around this forgotten sanctuary.

I have some more photos of this desecrated church, but it is late and I will have to post them another day. ~Paul W.

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