A Shrimp Eating Shrimp

Chloe is my seafood loving (mostly) girl. Good thing we live in Hawaii!


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Samuel The Champion!

Snap caught by Lindsey yesterday after Church. Yes, this cute guy wore me out!


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Sorry Bud, but Craziness is Genetic!

This is a picture you just couldn’t plan and most likely ends up on the Awkward Family Photos blog. We took a bunch of Easter pictures and this is only one of many gems. Just so you know Sam, those beautiful crazy ladies are related to you!



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Selfies with Sammy

I was trying to create a happy birthday video for my sister Amy when Samuel got a hold of the phone and took our selfies. Not even 1 and already trying to be the hip kid!


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It’s Tough Being 5!

It looks like Chloe has decided to use Samuel’s rocker as her own personal rocking chair. It’s tough being a big 5 year old now!



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