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A friend just introduced me to, and all I can say is—wow! Okay, I can actually say a lot more about this service. Jott gives you a toll free number that you call and talk up to 30 seconds. Then it emails you the transcript of what you just talked about. All off this for F*R*E*E! When my friend told me about it, I didn’t believe her so I tried it out. Sure enough, when I said, “Hello world, this is Paul Wilson and I am now Jotting,” I received an email to my gmail account literally 4.2 seconds later.

Now, I am familiar with this technology. When I did we had a company out of Florida approach us about creating a phone system that did something very similar for the hurricane survivors. We had a website to help the survivors but, as you can guess, most people caught in the three hurricanes didn’t have access to the web. The company offered the phone system to us for free, but we had to pay an eight cent, per minute for everyone that called in. Well, for two solid months we had close to two to five thousand calls a day. That begins to add up, a lot! So we didn’t go with the system. However, this makes me wonder how Jott is paying for their 800 number (877-568-8486 to be exact). I wasn’t able to find anything on their site. If anyone figures it out please let me know.

Yet, to be honest I am just glad that there is something out there like this. When ever I try to get new converts to blogging, the number uno excuse I hear is how people feel they cannot write. Jott completely takes this excuse out by the knees. If you can talk, which there are few of us that cannot, then you can now blog. Try Jott and let me know what your overall thoughts are on the service. As for me, I think I found a new toy to play with.

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How to launch your Blog with

So I have been fiddling with this website called IceRocket. The main focus of IR is on the blogging community. Imagine taking google, alexa, and technorati and rolling it into one big site, you would then begin to understand what IR is.

The first thing that I noticed about IR is how they used google’s clean cut approach to designing a website. The layout is so close to king google’s design that if I had both sites open I would probably get the two confused. Well, not really because IR has these cool rocket ships for their navigation bar. Yet, other than that you will notice how the layout is very similar. However, since I am a big google fan I have no objections to this.

Onto the fun features of IR. First thing you will notice when you go to the index page of IR is that they have a portion of their page dedicated to making a comparison on how much buzz is being generated between two companies. Today they were showcasing a buzz comparison between Pepsi and Coke. Below is the graph I lifted from them (click on the graph to see it better):

I could really see using this tool to find the  sites which are high in bloggers. To me this is useful in trying to figure out how to best optimize your content. It ’s also a good indicator that Pepsi is failing the blind taste test =).

So this got me thinking, what does IR have on my blog. Not, that I was really surprised, but absolutely nothing as of noon today. Gratefully, I was able to find an “Add Your Blog” function. Of course I wasted no time in adding my humble blog to the masses of other blogs. As of the time of this writing (9:52pm), does not show up in IR. I wasn’t expecting laser fast speed in adding my profound thoughts to the vast web, but I was hoping.

The final thing that I stumbled across on IR that I really liked was what they called Ice Spy. Obviously a clever play on the childhood game “eye spy,” which is fairly accurate for what this tool does. You are able to see real time what people are searching. So, if you are ever bored at work and want to see how messed up this world really is, I recommend checking out Ice Spy. It’s quite interesting to see what people are trying to learn about.

There you have the 411 on Ice Rocket. I know there are a lot more tools but I didn’t want to take away all the fun in you finding new things.

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