Our Greatest Glory

I took this photo of my girls looking at the Pearl Harbor Memorial. It was a sacred moment in time for me. May we never forget those who sacrificed everything for our freedom. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

"The greatest glory of a free-born people is to transmit that freedom to their children." ~William Havard

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A Beautiful Sunset at Sunset Beach

I took my mom today to Sunset Beach at sunset. This was the very first beach I took Lindsey to when we landed on island almost a year ago.

Playing more with the luminosity and saturation of my pictures. By enhancing the colors in the sunset and in the water I feel it comes closer to how the naked eye sees this breathtaking spot!



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Dark Nu’uanu Pali Lookout

My mom is in town for a few weeks so we took her to see some of the sites here in Honolulu. On the way home we decided to checkout Nu’uanu Pali, which we’ve been told to see. The lookout is quite impressive, but I was more taken by the form of the mountain next to the lookout. I’ve played with the light contrast to give an eerie and ominous feeling. I left enough detail in the foliage for the eye to believe there might be more, but not enough to satisfy it.






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Samuel’s Bath

Lindsey captured this epic picture of Samuel bathing in our kitchen sink. Absolutely love it!


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My Irish Lady

Lydia is our only child without red hair. Lindsey captured the other two in this “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt when they were toddlers. She shared with me that she felt like a horrible mom because she didn’t get our “Crazy Daizy” Lydia in the shirt.

So, after a hard earned struggle with Lydia to put on this “baby” shirt we snapped this shot of our “not so toddler but still Irish girl.” Happy St. Paddy’s Day a few months (maybe years) late!


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A Shrimp Eating Shrimp

Chloe is my seafood loving (mostly) girl. Good thing we live in Hawaii!


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Samuel The Champion!

Snap caught by Lindsey yesterday after Church. Yes, this cute guy wore me out!


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Sorry Bud, but Craziness is Genetic!

This is a picture you just couldn’t plan and most likely ends up on the Awkward Family Photos blog. We took a bunch of Easter pictures and this is only one of many gems. Just so you know Sam, those beautiful crazy ladies are related to you!



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Selfies with Sammy

I was trying to create a happy birthday video for my sister Amy when Samuel got a hold of the phone and took our selfies. Not even 1 and already trying to be the hip kid!


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It’s Tough Being 5!

It looks like Chloe has decided to use Samuel’s rocker as her own personal rocking chair. It’s tough being a big 5 year old now!



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